10 Alberta Breweries You’ve Got to Try at Oktoberfest | September 29/30

This year at Oktoberfest on September 29/30th, there’s an amazing list of local talent. This year, the nights are later, and the samplers are larger; think full pints. We know we’re excited to stay later, and have bigger samples, and we think you’re going to be stoked, too. Now, you’ve just got to make your sampling-game-plan.

Plus, there’s the food – right? Come hungry, and thirsty, because there’s going to be plenty to eat and drink at Oktoberfest.

Here are ten local beers that top our list of brews to try at Oktoberfest  

  1. Troubled Monk
  2. Blindman Brewing
  3. Jasper Brewing 
  4. Fat Unicorn 
  5. Olds College Brewery
  6. Two Sergeants Brewing
  7. Hell’s Basement Brewing 
  8. Wood Buffalo
  9. Bench Creek
  10. Tool Shed Brewing 

You don’t even have to leave Edmonton to tour the breweries that make the province so special. You’re going to be able to get a taste of each of them at Oktoberfest. We’ve got a few favourites, so make sure you’re following along during the festival to see what we’re tasting, and what we discover.

BOGO Tickets for Oktoberfest 

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Happy Oktober friends. 

Photo: Alberta Beer Festivals