Cheap Eats: $10 Breakfast Special at MKT on Sundays

Sometimes, you wake up early and need a good breakfast. Other times, you’re lounging around the house on Sunday morning (or afternoon) and wondering what you’re going to do for breakfast. If you want a cheap-ish date, there’s a $10 breakfast at MKT that hits the spot if you’re hungry.

The crispy potatoes were the highlight of the breakfast for me, the next time around I would choose eggs that weren’t scrambled, as I wasn’t a fan. Overall, for $10 (Let’s face it, I paid more for the Mimosa to go with the breakfast), it filled my belly.

The toast was a nice change up from the regular toast you get with breakfast, and was dense. The potatoes were well seasoned, crisp, like I said, and came with a hefty portion.

For $10, it’s worth a try – and it just might become your go-to for Sunday morning breakfasts when you’ve woken up and it’s late afternoon.

Just before noon, it wasn’t too busy and we had our food and drinks pretty quickly. It’s a good time to check it out if you’ve only ever been when the place is packed.

MKT is located at 8101 Gateway Blvd. You can view the full menu, here.