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10 Valentine’s Day Dates Under $20 in Edmonton

Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to put a dent in your wallet – we’re sharing some of our favourite ways to spend Valentine’s Day in Edmonton, for under $20/person. Some of the events are even free, leaving more money in your wallet for an easy dinner.

The Princess Bride Quote Along
What’s better than spending an evening following, and quoting, along with one of the most beloved films of the 80s? Head over to the Metro and take part in the Princess Bride Quote Along, it’s a fun throwback and a great way to spend the evening.

Spend it at the Roller Disco
Why not try something outside the box this year for Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re looking for a creative date, or you’re single looking for a fun way to spend the night we’ve got just the event for you.  Skates are available to borrow, and roller blades are okay. Don’t forget the safety gear!

Valentine’s Day Disco
Take a twirl around the City Hall rink with your special someone this Valentine’s Day. Skate or dance to the sounds of 1970s and ‘80s. Roast bannock over an open fire, or enjoy a cup of hot chocolate from the Kids in the Hall Bistro. Free skate and helmet rentals will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Campfire S’mores for Two at Characters
The Tableside S’mores for two($18) is one of our favourite desserts to share in Edmonton. There’s something delicious about the S’mores indoors. Want to splurge for an add on? The Strawberry souffle sounds divine.

Strap on a Pair of Snowshoes
Head out to Elk Island Park, where it’s free admission all year long, and strap on the snowshoes for an early in the day date, or an evening walk (don’t forget the headlamps!) Bundle up and rent a pair of snowshoes for $15/day, from Totem Outfitters.

Experience a Serenade at the Muttart
Come early and experience ‘Love Grows’ at the Muttart. Walk through the pyramids, enjoy the feature pyramid and a serenade throughout the early Valentine’s Day date.

Grab a Thermos of Hot Chocolate and Check out the Neon Sign Museum
Bring a thermos of hot chocolate from home, or grab a couple of cups on the way to keep you warm and walk through the Neon Sign Museum, downtown on 104th street.

Get Your Board Game On 
Visit one of the local board game cafes, where you can play to your heart’s content, for only $5. It’s a cheap date night out and it will incite some healthy competition. Here are some of the events going on at one at our favourite hangs, Gamer’s Lodge.

Adult Coloring Night
Want to try something new (and soothing)? There’s an adult coloring night at Edmonton Public Library – they’ll even provide everything you need for the coloring sesh, leaving more room in your budget to grab a little dessert after you’ve gotten creative.

Netflix and DIY Cooking Sesh
Spend Valentine’s Day in, and make something new. Sign up for Chef’s Plate and have your meal delivered before Valentine’s Day. It’s under $20/person, and you can use this link to get two plates for free. The ingredients, instructions and everything you need to make the meal come with the package, all you need to provide is the Netflix.

How are you spending Valentine’s Day, on the cheap?

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