11 Places to Get Creative On Your Next Date Night in Edmonton

Getting your creative vibe out for your next date night is a fantastic way to bond. With creative workshops at a variety of price points, it makes it accessible for everyone searching for a fun date night – and usually brings you outside of your comfort zone. Here are some of the best places you can get creative on your next date night in Edmonton.

Friday Night Vibe at Art Gallery of Alberta | On the third Friday of the month, there’s a fun event at the Art Gallery of Alberta. Drop in for drinks and entertainment, and do a quick something creative while you’re there.

Clay and Cupcakes | From bearded mugs to cats, there’s plenty to paint at Clay and Cupcakes. Falling under the category of ‘cheesy dates’, you’ll come out of it with mugs that you can bring home, exchange and look back on (if the date goes well)

Edmonton Paint Night | Paint Night, is handsdown, one of the funniest dates that we’ve been on, but don’t go hungry. There wasn’t much room for food on the table where we were painting. Bring your sense of humor, your best painting skills and follow the detailed instructions from the instructors to create a masterpiece, or a landscape with a random Deathstar on it.

Bonnie Doon Craft Night | Every month there are adult only craft nights at Bonnie Doon, from making soap to creating wreaths, and everything in between, you can stop by the mall for a fun craft night out. These events are free, but donations for charity are encouraged.

Made Social (Girls Night Out) | Made social have some of the coolest craft nights in the city, and it’s a fantastic night out with your girlfriend.

Drop in Art Class at the Art Gallery | Every Wednesday night, there are drop in art classes at the Art Gallery of Alberta. The classes are a fun way to learn something new, every week, and only cost $20 to attend. Coming up in December, there’s even a live nude model, if you want to try your hand at figure drawing.

Greenhouse Project Workshops | Salisbury Greenhouse, Greenland Garden Center – most of the greenhouses throughout the city hold workshops that make really cool things like living frames, succulent gardens, and even cool terrariums. Check out your local greenhouse and their event page to be the first to know about upcoming events.

Justine Ma | Hand lettering at it’s finest, you’re going to love the sass that comes from learning some of the basic skills of calligraphy, at Justine’s workshops. You’ll come out of there with something pretty, and feeling like making lists with pens, and paper, rather than the notes app on your phone.

Take a Photo Walk | Head out to some of the most popular spots in Edmonton and bring the camera along. You might just discover something new when you’re searching out these places, through the lens. You can get tips about taking the perfect shot, find something fresh for your instagram account, or just enjoy the fresh air. Locations change weekly.

City Arts Centre | From fused glass, and pottery, to drawing classes and even binding books, there are plenty of classes to get your creative on, at City Arts Centre. Programming changes every season, so you can enroll in a course together and learn something new. Granted, you’re going to want to choose someone you like – as the courses are multiple

What are some of your favourite ways to get creative in Edmonton?