11 Places to Hit up for the Best Wing Nights in Edmonton

Wing Wednesday. There’s something magical about the thought of cheap wings, beers and a night out with friends that will get you messy with your choice of wing sauce.

Central Social Hall | At Central, you’ll find classic options like signature hot, honey garlic, salt and pepper, and the classic ranch dip – solid wings for your wing night.

The Pint | There are 40 ways that you can have your wings at the Pint, and with so many options, you’ll never have to have the same combination of wings twice (unless you love them, of course).  Do you want boneless wings? You can get those at the pint, for the same price.

The Buckingham | Delicious wings. Hott, BBQ, cajun, sweet chili heat, agave sriracha, salt ‘n’ pepper or teriyaki. Comes with house-made ranch and fresh veggies.

Hudson’s | Hot, Chicken Caesar, Ancho Chipotle, Sweet Chili, Honey Garlic, Maple Whisky BBQ, Honey-Sriracha, Salted Caramel, Salt & Pepper, Maple Bacon Rub. Traditional or Boneless , you choose. Served with Celery & Ranch. Salted caramel wings – you’ve got to give them a try the next time you’re out for a pint.

Stages Kitchen and Bar | One of the hidden gems in Mayfield, you’ve got to try the wings. The hot wings are juicy, full of flavour and everything that you would expect from a delicious order of wings, any night of the week.

Cafe Mosaics | Vegetarian chicken wings? Yeah, that’s a thing.  These delicious wings are served on a bed of kale (would you expect any less?) and available in flavours like hot sauce, chili plum sauce or spicy bomb sauce.

Cactus Club | Choose from hot or salt and pepper, celery and creamy parmesan dip. This is our favourite dip with wings, in the city, it’s so delicious.

Wing Chicx | Try the wings with sauce, try them without – just make sure that this places makes your list of places to get chicken wings in Edmonton on your next wing night out.

Cured | Real chicken wings, with a signature brine, Honey ginger glaze, garlic, chili flakes, sliced scallion and that fun vibe of a wine bar, try this if you’re feeling pretentious.

Northern Chicken | Good-old, authentic wings. Fried chicken that will have you wondering what you’ve been missing all this time, and a chill atmosphere will take care of that craving for chicken wings, stat.