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15 Date Ideas Under $10 in Edmonton

Date nights have a bad rap for being expensive. Going out doesn’t have to break the bank – we’ve compiled twenty of our favourite, budget-friendly date night ideas for Edmonton and area.

1. Cheap movie night – hit up Cineplex on Tuesday nights for a cheap movie date out. Skip the popcorn, or grab a combo to share.

2. Play boardgames at Table Top Cafe. It’s all you can play board games for only $5 (and you can use this groupon to save even more, and get a bit of spending money for the yummy food while you’re there).

3. Mid week is the best time to play pinball at the Denizen Hall – you won’t have to wait as long for a machine and you can easily play a few games for under ten bucks each.

4. Get $10 Tacos at Hart’s Table on Thursdays

5. Grab a coffee and spend some time on a walk. Some of our favourite places to walk include: the legislature grounds, 124 street gallery walk and through the river valley.

6. Get ten different pastas for only $10, in Little Italy at Sorrentino’s on Tuesday night.

7. Head to your local pool and have some fun in the waves. We like Millennium Place, later, so there are fewer kids running around the place. Admission is $8/adult.

8. Take a tour of Yellowhead Brewery

9. Take a drop-in art class at the Art Gallery of Alberta. If you’re a member (bonus, because it’s a free place to walk around with a date in the future) you can get a punch pass for the classes that brings it down to under $10 a class.

10. Take a technique class at Williams Sonoma. The in-store demonstration class has a different theme every week, and is a great way to learn something new to put in place in the kitchen.

11. Take a day-date cooking class and get inspired with an easy dinner. The class is $10, and you get a $10 gift card to spend in-store, on food to make the meal.

12. Bring your own board come or find new friends who have brought one along, at a games night on the last Tuesday of the month at The Carrot.

13. Learn new swing movie dancing moves at Sugar Swing, with a $10 class. You might just learn a thing or two – get the drop in dates.

14. Get half off of Mexican Fried chicken at El Cortez on Sundays

15. Try the lemongrass creme brulee at Stages Bar and Grill (it’s hidden away and well worth the trip to find it) Hint: it’s in the Doubletree and one of the best desserts I’ve had in the last while.

What are some of your cheap date ideas for Edmonton? Do you have any hidden gems that you can share with us? Feel free to let us know in the comments! 

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