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Do This: $20 Snow Tubing Date at Sunridge Ski Hill

Getting outside during the winter sure is easier when the temperature is above zero, but even when it’s not – staying warm by coasting down a tube in a hill at Sunridge is a great way to get outside for a couple of hours of sunlight during the winter months.

Know Before You Go: Snow Tubing at Sunridge

Buy Tickets Online | Buy your tickets online before you go. Tubing tickets are for specific two-hour time periods only and a limited number of tickets are available for each two-hour period. The two-hour time periods are; from 12noon until 2pm or 2pm until 4pm on weekends and holidays, and from 5pm until 7pm or 7pm until 9pm on Friday evening (except during the Christmas break).

Buy tickets online to make sure you can tube at the time you prefer 

The Wait Time | During the busier times on the hill, you might have to wait in lines for tubes to become available, as there are more people than tubes. To avoid the busy time, we recommend going earlier in the day. There are three chutes (number one is our favourite), so don’t worry – the lines move quickly enough.

The Cost | The cost to go snow tubing at Sunridge is priced for two hours, and comes in at only $20 for the two hour time slot that you’re going to spend on the hill. This is a practical, and inexpensive date that saves you ‘walking back up the hill’ at your local favourite toboggan spot, and gives you a bit of a new experience. Helmets are recommended, and it’s $7/person extra if you’re going to rent a helmet to wear while you’re tubing.

The $20 cost is well worth it, you’ll get to slide many, many times during the two hour time slot.

What to Wear | Dress in layers, but don’t layer too much. Like skiing, you’re going to be getting out and walking, gripping on to the the tube as you slide down the hill and jumping in and out of a inner tube. You’re going to be working it a little, and if you’re dressed too warmly, you’re going to be uncomfortable – especially on the days when the temperatures are in the positives. For me, ski pants were a must – you’re going to get a pretty cold butt, pretty quick, if you skip them. On the days when the temperature is hovering around zero, a fleece and light jacket are more than enough.

After-Tubing Drinks | There’s the lounge, at Sunridge, where you can grab a hot chocolate and Bailey’s to warm up – but it’s packed so we much prefer to pick one of our favourite local low-key places to grab a bite to eat (and some drinks to warm up) when we’ve finished.

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