24 Halloween Events and Activities to Experience in Edmonton

Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s time to start making plans to celebrate the fun, costumed, events in Edmonton. Here are some of our favourite ways to dress up, get scared and check out the fun Halloween events that Edmonton has to offer.

Hospital of Horror | Until October 31, 2016
This horrifying experience using virtual reality is a scary way to experience an abandoned hospital, in a convenient downtown location. Walk the halls of an abandoned hospital – but watch out, you never know what’s around the next corner. Through the power of virtual reality, anything is possible.

The Reckoning Halloween Party | October 29, 2016
Head out to the Rec Room Edmonton to experience Halloween. The only thing you have to fear this Halloween, is missing out. The Rec Room has Edmonton’s best Halloween party, featuring The Wet Secrets, comedian Simon King, the Urban DNA DJ crew, spooky games, contests, lots of prizes, signature drinks and more.

Refinery Danse Macabre | October 29, 2016
Celebrate the darker side of Refinery this Halloween with Danse Macabre – the Dance of the Dead. Taking inspiration from current exhibitions, this late-night art party conjures ideas of morality and mortality. Revel in the pleasures of life while being seduced by darkness at your AGA’s elegant Halloween party.

ScreamOctober 29, 2016 
SCREAM… the undisputed champion of HALLOWEEN events in Western Canada for over 10years returns. It’s no surprise that SCREAM sells out every year – boasting massive DJ LINE-UP’s combined with amazing production and décor. Each year, the BOODANG team brings new elements into SCREAM with superb decor, lighting, video and sound. This year is no different! SCREAM is back – bigger and better. ARE YOU READY TO SCREAM?

Beaumont Haunted House | October 29, 2016
The scariest Haunted House Beaumont has ever seen! – or been too afraid to see. The amount of detail and effort that goes into this place is just unreal! The cause is wonderful – helping to bring food to over 85,000 families in need with The Leduc & District Food Bank.

DeadmontonUntil October 31st
Are you ready to conquer the fears that lurk in the dark corners of your mind? Can you handle what is waiting for you in the depths of Deadmonton Haunted House?

Haunted Barn Walk | October 28 and 29, 2016 
Are you brave enough to walk the haunted barn at River Lane Ranch? Many were not..are you?
Come experience a haunting like no other. Walk the barn on the property of famous Medium Carmel Joy Baird. Spirits are always welcome there. Enjoy the D.J, Bonfire and BBQ after the barnwalk.

Haunted Walk | Until October 31, 2016
A ghostly walk through Old Strathcona, where we stop in front of certain building, houses and shops that have reported ghosts, hauntings, murders and mysteries.  They are all true stories that come from area residents and business owners.  The tours are hosted by a veteran story teller with 12 years of experience. Held all summer long, the tours are a great outing for the whole family.

Spooktacular Penny Dreadful | October 28, 2016
Journey through the pages of Victorian era Penny Dreadfuls – known for their gothic tales of adventure, crime, and the supernatural. Let your imagination loose and experience the tales yourself in this edition of Spooktacular. Choose the add-on movie, for an experience that’s even more fun.

Fear Factory |
The Fear Factory! Enter if you dare, this is our inaugural Halloween horror experience. The Fear Factory will assault your senses with fears of every type… but you have to enter to find out what. Ages 12 and up can experience it from 6PM-8PM, but only ages 16 and older from 8PM until close. Experiences may vary, and it is NOT for those who are weak stomached… There will be blood, gore, smoke, and other conditions that is not for everyone. This is an Extreme experience event. You have been warned!

Watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Metro | October 22 and 28
Let’s do the Time Warp again! The all-time weird and wonderful Midnight Movie cult favourite returns. The adventure begins where it always does, as newly engaged Brad and Janet encounter car trouble in rainy weather. When they stop to look for help, they find themselves at the castle of the charming transvestite, Dr. Frank-N-Furter. They’re offered shelter for the night, but will they want to stay? Edmonton’s Shadow Cast will lead the audience in this classic musical tribute to B movie sci-fi horror cinema.

Spooktacular Double Feature | October 25
The Webb City Chamber and Route 66 Movie Theater will have a Halloween double feature. The movies will be It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown that is celebrating 50 years and Disney’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Tickets are $5 and will go on sale Monday, October 10th at the Webb City Chamber, 112 W Broadway, Webb City. Proceeds will benefit your Webb City Chamber.

Deadmonton Haunted House Until October 31
The air is cold and dry yet you break into a sweat.  The shadows bleed through the darkness. Your pupils dilate; what hides in the light is even more terrorizing.  Your heart races, your breathing accelerates and you’re gasping for air.  Your veins constrict, your muscles tighten and your skin crawls. You feel a soft breeze that sends shivers down your spine – or was it a touch? You want to run, but you can’t. You stand motionless.

Carnage Caverns | October 28 and 29
This Halloween Sheeptown Players 5th Annual Haunted Walk, Oct 28 & 29, takes place in our creepiest location yet. Descend into the Carnage Caverns and be prepared to be terrified as you make your way through our maze of horrific scenes.

Dr. Houligans Haunted Circus | October 20 – 31
Much more than a once in a lifetime opportunity, it’s a show you don’t want to miss. Our traveling event brings back the old days of circus with talented and mysterious acts of magic and performance. Our performance varies but are always entertaining. Some of the performance acts include Juggling, magic, fire breathing, balancing, knife throwing, balloon animals, gypsy carriages, mad science, whip, ring master, unicycle, and stilts. Our interactive performance show brings live, quality, affordable, entertainment to those who usually have no access to it. We sell popcorn, cotton candy, refreshing drinks, and we have tent seating for large crowds.

Fearmont Hotel | October 29/30
Come, rest, stay awhile… or forever. Many have checked into the Fearmont hotel but none have checked out. Every Halloween a few of our favorite guests return from the dead for a visit and they would love to meet you and your friends. We promise it will be a night you won’t soon forget… if you make it out, this is. Join the Human Ecology student’s association and R&R day program for a night of haunts, horrors and treats for a great cause! WHAT: FEARMONT HOTEL, Edmonton’s most terrifying haunted house to support alzheimer’s research – massive budget for massive fear (i.e., we’ve obtained a generous donor for gory decor).

Rocky Horror Steampunk Ball | October 28, 2016  
Punch Drunk Cabaret mixes rockabilly, roots, and swing into a high energy cocktail made up of rousing, sing-a-long choruses and dance floor packing rhythms. With six years of club, festival and special event performances under its belt, the band has earned a reputation for a “must-see” live show that’s equal parts audience participation and rock and roll spectacle.

Clue Burlesque Murder Mystery | October 29, 2016
Who of the six players killed “Mr. Boddy”? Where did the crime take place, and which weapon was used? What was their motive? Join our illustrious host Prof. Eugene Organ as he plays detective and (with the help of the audience) solves the crime.

Fireside Ghost Experience | October 29, 2016
Come immerse yourself in true ghost stories around our travelling campfire, all while enjoying the luxuries of a limousine and the adventure of visiting some of Edmonton’s most frightening haunts! This is far more that a tour, this IS an experience, and dates are available until November 4, 2016. 

Hulaween Celebrations | October 29, 2016
Zombie hula dancers, freaky tikis, gothic Hawaiian tourists, undead Elvis – sound like your kind of party? Want an alternative to the regular Halloween party? Celebrate Hulaween, a Polynesian-inspired, tropic gothic, freaky tiki party! Enjoy a night of hula dancers and Polynesian entertainment, appetizers, featured Polynesian drinks, DJ and more!