25+ Adult Halloween Events and Activities in Edmonton

Halloween is right around the corner, and as early as next week you’ll find Halloween events popping up all around the city. Here’s what to do for Halloween in Edmonton, this year.

Edmonton Halloween Events 2017

Dead Centre of Town | October 13-31
Exhuming the sideshow oddities and forgotten stories of traveling circuses past, Dead Centre of Town X dares you to get your scare on. Dead Centre of Town digs up and dances with the dusty bones of Edmonton’s long-forgotten past, blending experiential theatre with urban lore and factual history. Each year brings a new location, a new script, and new scares.

Ode to Poe at Fort Edmonton | October 14
Experience classic stories from master of the macabre, Edgar Allen Poe, presented as a live radio show. Watch Poe’s terrifying characters come to life before your very eyes, accompanied by spooky sound effects, spine-chilling music, and more live on stage in the vintage Capitol Theatre!

Classic Double Horror Feature | October 19
Perhaps one of the most classic horror and suspense films ever made, director Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining will take you on a twisted trip of growing paranoia as you watch a family’s sanity unravel when they stay as caretakers at the desolate and creepy Overlook Hotel.

Dark Matters: Fears and Phobias | October 1
Are you afraid of the dark? Feel anxious in confined spaces? Does the thought or sight of spiders make your skin crawl? For most of us, there is one thing that inspires our deepest, darkest fears…

Night of Fear Festival | October 20, 21
NEW ATTRACTION HAUNTED GRAVEYARD! Dare to enter our EPIC Haunted House! This walk-through style attraction is full of darkness, wrong turns, and delightfully terrifying thrills! Made it through the mansion? We have dead people in our backyard! The terror is not over. Take care where you step, and beware the SCARECROW.

Horror Movie Trivia at CRAFT Beer Market | October 25
At our Halloween Trivia night at CRAFT Beer Market, teams of four will compete to become the horror movie champions of the night. Come for the horror movie props, photo opportunities, trivia and a fantastic night out. Stay for the entertainment, the chance to learn something new about one of your favorite horror movies and of course, the good times. Tickets are $20 and include your first drink.

Monster Mash-Up Movie Marathon | October 26-29
Maybe they inspired nightmares and kept you up at night, or maybe they made your skin crawl with an unspoken thrill — either way, these cult-horror classics left an impression.

Rocky Horror Picture Show at Metro | October 26, 28
Let’s do the Time Warp again! The all-time weird and wonderful cult favourite returns. The adventure begins where it always does, as newly engaged Brad and Janet encounter car trouble in rainy weather. When they stop to look for help, they find themselves at the castle of the charming transvestite, Dr. Frank-N-Furter. They’re offered shelter for the night, but will they want to stay? Audience participation is encouraged. Dress up, bring props, and sing along! Shadow cast by Edmonton’s Low Down Cheap Little Punks. Audience participation is encouraged. Dress up, bring props, and sing along!

Quote-Along Beetlejuice | October 27
“These aren’t my rules.  Come to think of it, I don’t have any rules.” In just 17 minutes of screen time, Michael Keaton creates a shock-comic-slash-bioexorcist that anchors this deliciously absurd comedy that shows us that, even in death, we can’t escape the things that annoy us.  Come shout out your favourite lines, scream in all the right places, and calypso with us in the wildest dinner party scene of the 1980’s.  DAY-O!

Halloween Masquerade: Phantom of the Opera | October 27
Join us in the Empire Ballroom for the Halloween Masquerade of the year! The spook will roll in and the mystery behind the mask will envelop you for the evening. The Phantom of the Opera will inhabit our corridors and possibly entice some of our other shadowed guests to come out of the woodwork in honour of the night!

Halloween Howler | October 27
100.3 The Bear and Nitza’s Pizza Wye Road presents the 25th annual Halloween Howler. Don’t miss the biggest concert and costume party of the year featuring The Offspring! Special guests include Comedy Daredevil Ryan Stock and AmberLynn and DJ Harman B.

Arcade of Nightmares | October 27-28
Come experience nightmares made real where your darkest fears will materialize before your eyes. For two nights only, the arcade will be transformed into a place where your fears will come to life. Not for the faint of heart – will you make it until the end?

R for Refinery: Murder Mystery |  October 28
When the mood is black and white and the morals are anything but—Dial R for Refinery at your AGA’s elegant Halloween party. Turn your martini glass into a magnifying lens, track down artful clues, solve a mystery and answer the question: will you be the life of the party or will this party be the death of you?

Are you Afraid of the Dark? | October 28
The Crazed Doll Maker is on the prowl. So beware and take care – her chosen “doll” parts will horrify you. When the lights go out, the dolls will rise …. to greet you. Who is behind this gruesome craft – solve the mystery and you may get out alive! Tickets on sale starting September 18.

Explore the Corn Maze by Flashlight | Until October 24
For an extra twist bring your flashlights and try the maze in the dark! Last people can enter the maze at 9pm on Friday and Saturday nights and 8pm Tuesday-Thursday

Deadmonton Haunted House | Until October 31
Constructed in the early 1950’s, the Paramount Theater’s big screen entertained countless moviegoers both young and old. Sticky sodas, tangled film reels, chewed-up bubble-gum, and fetid floods caused by overwhelmed toilets are just some of the many messes dealt with by Frankie, the resident caretaker of the Paramount.  Frankie loved the theater, choosing to spend his life cleaning up after grubby guests in the name of fantastic cinema; it is no secret that his labours continued in the afterlife

The Monster at the Winspear | October 31
No tricks or treats, just a late-night Halloween tradition!  Bring your ghoulfriend to this silent horror-comedy, screened to live organ accompaniment, followed by a spooktacular party in the Winspear lobby.

Explore one of the Scary Edmonton Escape Rooms | Until October 31