3 Places to Play Escape Room Games in Edmonton #yeg

Live Action Escape Games are an exciting way to get to know one another even better when you’re newly dating – You can see who takes the lead, who’s the first to figure out the puzzle, and who’s the first to give up. You get to know a lot about the person that you’re playing the game with. They’re also a great way to spice things up if you’ve been in it for the long haul, giving you the chance to participate with another couple or group of friends, as most of the escape rooms are designed to be played with 4+ players.

There are a few options in the city to play the game, trying to solve the clues to find your way out and ‘beat the room’. Here’s your guide to choosing escape room games in Edmonton.

Breakout Entertainment

Breakout Entertainment was the original escape room game in Edmonton, and became so popular that there’s a new, second location coming soon.
Rooms: Secret Laboratory, The Cube, B.O.M.B.,
Price: $25/person
Why Choose it: Some of our favorite rooms have been from here, the second location means even more rooms to choose from

Escape City

The newest player in the game, Escape City has the first room that we’ve actually solved (we’ve been very close to solving the others that we’ve tried around the city). With new rooms coming soon, you’re always going to have new options for something new experience.
Rooms: A Great Discovery, The Inheritance, Keller’s Magic Emporium (fourth and fifth rooms coming soon)
Price: $25/person
Why choose it: the attention to detail and elaborate set-ups in the rooms


Located downtown, it’s an easy quest for date night if you want to play downtown. Though not as elaborate as others that we’ve tried, the story was solid. We were given the option of three hints through the game and they were very straightforward to the point of being blunt.
Rooms: Held Hostage, National Security, Back to the Future and Samara.
Price: $24.99/person
Time: 45 minutes
Why choose it: location, the entrance and the newest room looks like it could be a fantastic choice for horror lovers and thrill seekers (Samara) – that one’s next on our list!

Have you played any of the escape room games in Edmonton? Which one has been your favorite?