4 Couples Fitness Classes in Edmonton that Don’t Suck

Getting fit together (or staying fit together) doesn’t have to suck. There are lots of fun classes for couples to work out together, to try something new and burn a few extra calories. You might just be surprised at how much you like it. If you’re looking for some fun fitness classes, we’ve got a few to share.

Tandem Surfboard Workout

How well do you work with your partner? Do you want to get up close and personal together on a surf board at Surfset? Surfset classes are available in Edmonton and Sherwood Park and the Tandem Shred classes even include the option to wind down after the class with some wine.

Couples Yoga 

Stretching side by side or in poses where you’re to support one another make the couples yoga class at Soul Fitness Studios one of our top choices for classes to get fit together or try something new. Conveniently located in St. Albert, the fitness studio is fantastic, and classes are well timed to leave lots of room for drinks in the evening.

Drop in Dodgeball

Another Friday night fitness activity is drop-in Dodgeball at Edmonton Sport and Social Club. It’s only $5 per person and if you haven’t played before, or need a refresher from grade school, that’s okay too. It’s a great low pressure environment and one of our favourite options for a group date.

Candlelit Spin n Yoga Class 

Join the crowd at Spinunity in Sherwood Park on Sunday evenings to start your week off right with a 30 minute spin class followed by a 30 minute yoga session all in the candle light.