4 Edmonton Date Ideas for ‘Date Night In’

Date night in doesn’t have to be boring. If you find yourself flipping through your Netflix home screen trying to find something to watch, we’ve got a few suggestions. If you want to try something new – we’ve also got a few suggestions for that. There’s lots you can do at date night in, without having to leave the house.

Friday Night Feast at Sunterra 

The Friday night feast at Sunterra brings dinner to you, with three courses of delicious food that changes from week to week, for under twenty bucks. You even get dessert (my favourite part). Meals are ordered ahead of time, ready to pick up from work on the way home on a Friday night.

Netflix (and binge) 

Binge watch Netflix, and spend a Saturday in your pajamas. There are a few things that we’ve watched lately that have had us enthralled: The killing, the fall, Sense 8, Jessica Jones and Daredevil. There, now you’ve got a few options for thrilling dramas that are going to keep your attention. Want something on the lighter side? Chef’s Table is always a solid date night choice that gets you talking.

Interactive Dinner Party 

An Interactive Dinner Party by Chef Sheridan is a specialized cooking class designed to teach a group of 4-10 guests unique cooking methods and techniques. After understanding your personalized preferences Chef Sheridan will design a custom 3 course menu to be constructed in your home. Guests will have the opportunity to partake in preparation and to have a hands on experience in the kitchen. The chef will tour the menu and ingredients with guests and also provide a wine pairing to compliment the menu. Once each course is complete a server will be present to assist with food and beverage service. You then have the opportunity to taste a 3 course dinner which you helped create.

Mobile Massage 

What if you could get a massage, without even having to leave your house? Mobile massage is a great way to surprise your partner for a relaxing massage at the end of the day, and you can even schedule appointments back to back, to both experience the relaxation. It’s perfect for the winter, when the cold weather makes you want to stay indoors.

Spending date night at home? What are you binge watching/splurging on?