5 Cool Places to take a ‘Date Night’ Cooking Class in Edmonton

When it comes to unique date nights, we’ve got plenty of options to choose from in Edmonton. The best combination of date nights that we’ve been on include the combination for us to experience two of our favourite things combined: learning and food. With a cooking class, you can learn the skills to take forward and recreate something delicious at-home, while getting the chance to try something new – whether it’s a new cuisine, or a new skill.

Cooking classes make a great date night – because who doesn’t love to eat? Here are some of our favourite places for a cooking class date night in Edmonton:

Duchess Provisions | From all about tea, to macarons, and even chocolate tastings and specialty classes for the holidays, these fancy classes will give you a bit of insight into how to make some of your favourite treasures from the store. Classes sell out quickly, so make sure to get on the list early to avoid disappointment.

Kitchen by Brad | Express cooking classes held over two hours in the lunch hour, customized cooking classes and cooking classes that include five items prepared in front of you, with all of the tools and knowledge for you to re-create the dishes at home, the cooking classes take place monthly. You can follow Twitter and Facebook for up to date schedules.

The Pan Tree | A wide variety of class themes can be found at Pan Tree, from learning the basics of the kitchen, how to create your own bacon, and desserts, or themed features for holidays are available. These fun classes come with intimate class sizes, and you get to bring home the delicious creations, included in the price.

Sorrentinos | From basics like risotto, to special events and themed festival classes, Sorrentinos is a fabulous place to learn a few more basics of the kitchen, and to impress each other with your kitchen skills. Get on the email list, as there are often class promotions to help keep date night on a budget.

PC Cooking School | If you’re ditching the fancy and searching for the practical, learning new skills to make a quick dinner that comes with a gift card in the amount of the class ($10) to spend on ingredients, this is a budget friendly date idea that can get you in the kitchen, with a new simple dinner skill.

Photo credit: Kitchen by Brad