5 Dates to go in Edmonton This Weekend | September 8-10

There’s going to be at least one more gorgeous weekend in the books for Edmonton and it’s the perfect time to hit up the newly popular ‘accidental beach’, check out one of the many new Korean Shaved Ice shops opening up in Edmonton or check out some of the events coming up – like the night market in Beaumont, where you can shop from 70+ vendors, including some of our favourites like Chartier.

Here’s what dates you should be going on this weekend in Edmonton

Beaumont Night Market | Saturday
This fantastic market that you can browse while you drink, and get entertained with live music, turns into an adults only oasis after 8 o’clock on Saturday night. You can enter the vintage costume contest, shop vendors like Chartier, local breweries and shops, and eat, eat, eat.

Foodie Bike Tour | Saturday
Is your idea of hanging out on a Saturday made better when you combine eating and cycling? The Foodie bike tour will take you around town, cycling to each location where you can experience new restaurants and flavours. Use the code ‘last2dates2017’ to save 20% off of the ticket price, this is one of the last two dates of the 2017 season.

What the Truck?! | Saturday
It’s your last chance of the season to experience What the Truck!? and the food trucks that come with it. Explore the many food trucks and come with a game plan of what you want, and where you want to eat it from. Bring a friend to help tackle the lines, and think about coming for lunch, rather than dinner, to avoid some of the crowds (and get your hands on what you want).

Watch one of the Classics | Friday
Metro showcases 15 new upcoming series and special events in our 2017/18 season, toasts a new season in our Metro Gallery, and celebrates the immortal Casablanca in its 75th anniversary year. We offer free admission and free popcorn for all patrons. Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful season. Catch Casablanca, on Friday night, on the cheap – and by cheap, we mean free.