5 Dates to go on in Edmonton This Weekend | March 10-12

Get Pretzels at Zwick’s | All weekend Long
Get there early to skip the line, but you’re going to want to finally try Zwick’s Pretzels if you haven’t already. Delicious and available in a wide assortment of flavours, try a few and decide which ones you like the best. We’re partial to the breakfast sandwich, so make sure you get that five dollar piece of delicious while you’re there.

Opera Elektra |
Based on an ancient Greek myth, Elektra explores the psychological turmoil of its protagonist as she seeks revenge on her father’s killer. The culprit, however, is Elektra’s own mother Klytämnestra. As Elektra obsessively plots murder, her dark mind begins to unravel until, in a horrifying climax, Elektra’s fragile world shatters completely.

Bingo at the Rec Room | Sunday
We’ve got your number! B the 1 that wins big! Compete for fun or as training for our multi-event final showdown and go for glory and big-time bragging rights! Email RSVP@therecroom.com to register for the event.

Gourmet Dessert Tour | Saturday
From soft ice cream sandwiches with an pinocchio icecream centres to the world’s rarest chocolate this tour will get your blood sugar boiling. This Saturday of desserts will have you drooling over the best desserts in downtown Edmonton. This tour is for all, unless you can’t do dairy and nuts.

Midnight Karma Yoga| Saturday
Join the River City Runners crew for some late night karma yoga while we run for 24 hours to raise money for BGCBigs Healthy Meals program. Meg Stevenson will be leading us through a one of kind, super fun practice. You don’t want to miss this!