5 Dates to go on This Weekend in Edmonton | March 17-19

Cats on Your Mat | Saturday
Don’t know much about Hatha yoga? No problem! This beginner course taught by the amazing Char Bergenstrom, combines a focus of breathing, mindfulness, and physical movements. Participating in yoga has been known to help increase energy levels and muscle tone, as well as aid in better sleep and relief from muscle pain and stiffness. At the class you’ll mingle with cats, as they visit your mats.

Men with Brooms | Sunday
This wickedly cool comedy tracks four life-long friends on a hilarious quest for true love, macho bonding, and big-time curling glory! Reunited by the last wishes of their recently deceased coach, four not-quite-together guys set out to win the local Super Bowl of curling – an ancient, inscrutable sport involving large “stones”, icy arenas, and yes, Men with Brooms. RATED 14A

Terrarium Workshop | Saturday
Ireland in a Jar. Learn about and make a small Terrarium with all the lovely shades of Ireland just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! $40.00 instruction & materials inc.

Wine and Wildlife | Friday
Coyotes have long lived in and around the City of Edmonton, but mostly in the green spaces of the river valley. As we have expanded into coyote habitat, coyotes have adapted to expand into urban neighborhoods. Enjoy a glass of wine and some appetizers while finding out more about how to coexist with these amazing animals!

Friday Night Take Out | Friday
Stop by Highlands Golf Club and grab take out on dinner on a Friday night. Every week there’s a new dinner to take home – just make sure to order before noon on Thursday. Then, grab it on your way home from work and have dinner and Netflix, at home. Each meal is under thirty bucks, and it feeds two, with plenty of leftovers for Saturday.