5 Edmonton Breakfast Sandwiches You’ve got To Get in Your Mouth

Grick Middle from Farrow | 8422 109 St NW
The perfect balance of peppery greens and a delicious, perfectly cooked egg paired with tomato jam that will have you wanting to go back for seconds – tomorrow, because you’ll be full from the one you’re eating right now. Pair it with the scratch-made ‘pop tarts’ and you’ve got a banging sandwich for ten bucks.

Bacon and Egg Sandwich from Zwick’s Pretzels | 12415 107 Ave
Imagine a delicious egg, back bacon and tomato on a delicious, soft, salted pretzel bun. You can get the sandwich that’s in the running for our favourite breakfast sandwich in Edmonton for five bucks (and get some pretzels while you’re at it).

Breakfast Sandwich at Sandwich + Sons | 10184 – 104 Street
The thick cut, double smoke bacon, baconaise, lettuce, tomato, on sour dough is a classic sandwich that tastes like you made it in your own kitchen, without the mess. It’s a classic, and only $9. Plus, you’ll get the chips on the side. Head to the downtown location on Saturday and eat it before hitting up the Farmer’s Market.

MEAT for Brunch Breakfast Sandwich |  8216 104 St
We recently tried the breakfast sandwich from MEAT for dinner, and made the mistake of only ordering one. It was our favourite thing on the brunch menu and included a fried Egg, House-Smoked Bacon, Edam Cheese, Arugula, Tomato, Mayo – the perfect combination of slopp

Fried Egg Sandwich at Donna’s Eatery | 21516 115 Ave
This classic sandwich includes: 2 eggs, thick cut toast, bacon and the option to add cheese for a buck. It’s another Edmonton breakfast sandwich that’s going to taste like it’s been made with love, and one that’s worth the trip to the West End of the city.

There you have it – our five favourite breakfast sandwiches in Edmonton. We would love to hear about your favourites in the comments! 

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