6 Things You Need to Try at Brown’s Socialhouse

Brown’s Social House is one of those places that we’ve tried once before, grabbing a few drinks with friends – but we stuck to the basics. This time around, when we were invited to try out some of the new features and best selling dishes – we put caution to the wind and let the chef choose the menu for the night.

Chef Eric put together a sampling of dishes that, to be honest, we probably would have never ordered – and it gave us some new inspiration for date night.

Starting with appetizers, he chose the tuna stack, popcorn shrimp and an order of edamame. The edamame was crisp, well seasoned and served with hot sauce. It made for a great option if you’re searching for an alternative to the traditional sides – something I didn’t know was available. Next time, I’ll be swapping my side for them.

A highlight of the perfectly crisped popcorn shrimp was the aioli sauce, and it paired well with the fresh burst of flavour in your mouth that the tuna stack brought to the table. The tuna stack was fresh, full of flavour and if you like sushi, it’s a great alternative. If you don’t – it’s a great ‘introduction’.

For the entrees, there were two more dishes that we probably wouldn’t have chosen for ourselves, but left us satisfied. The Dragon Bowl and the Potato crusted halibut social bowl both packed a flavour punch, as we swapped bites of each other’s food. The potato crusted halibut made me envious that I’ve never cooked fish that well at home, and the cowboy salad had the perfect amount of crunch. The combination of the colours when the dish arrives at the table, and the texture while you’re eating it, turned a menu item I probably would have overlooked into something I’m looking forward to ordering again.

Stuffed from the appetizers and our meals, we barely had room for dessert but had to try one of the popular desserts, the Brown’s Oreo Jar. I loved the cream cheese whipped cream, it was a delicious change up to the traditional jarred desserts.

While we were there we learned two things: brunch is served on the weekend (and it’s kid friendly) and you can check in with an app to reduce the wait time. How cool is that? The first time we were actually going to try Brown’s Socialhouse, the wait was too long before the movie we were seeing.

Oreo Jar Brown's Social House

View the full Brown’s Socialhouse menu and let us know some of your must-try dishes for the next time we stop by!