8 Things You’ve Got to Eat at What the Truck This Weekend

The Menu for What the Truck has been released and you’re going to want to have a look through it to start thinking about what you’re going to order when you’re heading out to the first What the Truck of the season. Here are some of the foods that we’re most excited about, some of the foods that we’ve tried and loved, and generally a good starting point when you’re thinking about what to order from What the Truck.

Bacon Sushi | Bully Food Truck
Alberta Ground Beef, seasoned with Chef’s blend of spices and fresh Hutterite eggs and panko, 4 cheese blend, Bully Mac, fresh spinach and all rolled together in a wrap of smokey bacon, we slice them and serve them with dressed greens and garlic bacon aioli.

Shwarma Poutine | Dedo’s
House seasoned fries topped with our chicken shawarma and gravy, topped with garlic sauce

Fried Chicken Sandwich | Drift
The buttermilk chicken sandwich has house pickles and lime slaw. Draft is one of those ‘it’s going to be delicious, whatever sandwich you choose’. Also? The pork belly sandwich: Pickled Carrot & Daikon, Cilantro, Chili Mayo, Hoisin Glaze

Donut Burger | Gourmet Grill
Bacon cheese burger (beef patty) in between a glazed donut. Also? You’re going to want to give the Elk Poutine a try if you’re in the mood for something new and adventurous.

Maple Bacon Mini Donuts | Jackie O’s
Mini donuts drizzled with warm maple syrup and bacon bits, topped with a sprinkle of icing sugar and real whipped cream. Breakfast lover’s fave

Thai Chicken Green Onion Cake Taco | Rapscallions
Thailand style chicken served with in-house Thai peanut sauce, cucumbers, and lettuce. Finished with sesame seeds.

Chicken n Waffles | Smokehouse BBQ
Butter Milk brined chicken breast lightly battered with flour and Cajun seasoning and deep fried served on corn bread waffles and topped with smoked peach salsa and maple bourbon syrup.

Korean Poutine | The Dog
Crispy fries, cheese curds, crispy fried chicken, Bulgogi Koreen sauce, nori, ginger & a drizzle of honey. Also, the trailer trash dog that’s topped with mac and cheese.

Find the What the Truck Season Kickoff menu, at www.whatthetruck.ca
Image: What the Truck