9 Netflix Picks to Get You Through a Cold Night in December

It is getting chilly out there – and there has never been a better reason to hunker down and grab your favourite take out, staying in and watching what’s on Netflix. We don’t want you to sit through the twenty minutes of finding something to watch though, so we’re sharing some of our top picks for things to watch on Netflix in December.

Bluejay | Mark Duplass and Sarah Paulson star as former high school sweethearts who unexpectedly reconnect. It’s a tale of life, love, and loss from their teenage years through adulthood. (December 6)

Merry Kissmass | Getting stuck in an elevator for the holidays doesn’t sound all that romantic. However, it could be just the whirlwind adventure one woman needs to help determine her true love. (December 1)

Uncle Nick | Not all family is a joy to be around. In Uncle Nick, Brian Posehn plays that one family member we all know way too well. He’ll make holiday with your family seem like a dream. (December 1)

The Model | The fashion industry may not be as glamorous as it seems. In The Model, one model’s obsession could end up hurting her career more than it helps. (December 6)

I Am Not a Serial Killer | It takes one to know one. I Am Not A Serial Killer follows a small town that has no other option but to seek out an unexpected source of advice when news breaks that there’s a killer on the loose. (December 13)

Barry | Before he was the President of the United States, Barack Obama was known as Barry. Actor Devon Terrell portrays Obama in this biopic about the president’s college years. (December 16)

SpectralSpectral is a Netflix original movie about a military team set to ward off the supernatural. This makes it one of Netflix’s first-ever original sci-fi films. (December 8)

Wildflower | What is a dream and what is reality? Wildflower explores the story of a college student with recurring dreams that may be trying to tell her something. (December 1)

Harry and the Hendersons | Bigfoot becomes a part of the family in Harry and The Hendersons… unless a greedy hunter can manage to break this family up. Throwback to your childhood. (Dec 1)

What are you most excited about watching on Netflix in December?