Bringing Back the Dining ‘Experience’ at Atlas Steak + Fish

There’s a great vibe in the atmosphere at Atlas Steak + Fish, a combination of upscale dining with live piano entertainment and a comfortable dining experience, with a focus on experience. The piano entertainment creates a vibe that makes you actually slow down, enjoy the food, enjoy the music and enjoy the ambiance. Upscale dining that’s still inviting for a special date night out, or a meal before a hockey game or show.


The dining experience takes you out of where you are, downtown Edmonton inside of a brand new building, and transports you to an old-school dining experience, with the modern touches, like an electronic drink menu that helps you to choose the perfect bottle of wine.

At the first glance of the menu, you’ll find a keyword throughout, ‘Josper’. A combination grill and oven, it creates smoky flavour on menu items. The perfect amount of smoky flavour. 


If you fancy a bit of entertainment, the caeser is made in tableside, the perfect size for two to share. It adds to the experience, as you can take in the live music, have a personalized experience to start the meal – and it’s a great choice to compliment the bread, served with blue cheese infused butter. With a mild flavour and hot bread, it’s the perfect way to start the meal (even if you’re not particularly fond of blue cheese).


To start, we tried the blackened ahi tuna, a delicious four-bite option that’s light, crisp and full of flavour. Making a last minute decision to add on the bruschetta was the right choice, it was the perfect temperature and started the meal off with some sweet, tangy flavour. img_8370-jpg

For dinner, we chose the New York Strip and the Josper grilled halibut. To share, we chose the Josper grilled vegetables. We learned that the Josper is one of only three in Canada. The perfect amount of smoky flavour is infused into the foods cooked in the oven,without being overpowering. The flavour and crust that it created on the steak was impressive, and created some fantastic texture in every bite. With a focus on clean flavours, there’s a fantastic flavourful taste created with the combination of the Josper and simple ingredients like olive oil, salt and pepper.

After dinner,  we didn’t leave room for dessert this time around, but you can bet that we’ll be back to give it a try the next time around – there’s plenty left for us to try on the menu and the with the addition of the new lunch menu – we’re excited to return. We lingered a while longer, enjoying the service, the comfortable experience and piano entertainment.

Next time, we’ll return, have dessert and maybe even sit at the bar adjacent to the piano; it looks like it one of the best seats in the house.

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