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Chefs Plate Makes Dinner Easy – Delivering Fresh Ingredients and a Recipe to Your Door

We are more likely to grab take out for a handful of us than to cook at-home, especially before we’re having friends over for an evening on the patio. For the most part, our cooking skills come in the form of ‘heating up take out’ and ‘those few skills we’ve learned in a cooking class a few months ago’.

Searching for a solution to the problem, we learned about Chefs Plate (Get your first three plates free), a service new to Edmonton that delivers everything you need to make dinner, to your door – fresh ingredients, the recipe, and the skills to make that recipe again, with the ingredient list).

The ingredients and recipe arrived in an insulated box that was still cold when I arrived home from work in the afternoon, impressive because it was a warm day. I unloaded the ingredients for the two meals that we chose, and had a look over the recipe cards. The recipes seemed easy enough, and actually, made me excited to try my hand at making dinner at home.

Entertaining with Chefs Plate

I tried it last night for the first time. The recipe seemed easy enough, had bright and detailed instructions and gave me a guideline for what to do to impress the guests that would be arriving in a half hour.

I got started, slicing sweet potatoes and putting them on parchment paper (I borrowed this from our neighbour – take out usually doesn’t require parchment paper) and put them in the oven. On their own, they smelled great. It made me wonder why I stop by the deli section of the grocery store, and spend $6 on already chopped and roasted sweet potatoes for salad – I could just do it myself.

With everything that we needed for the recipe on hand I didn’t have to worry about rushing out before our friends arrived to grab the handful of things we needed for a new recipe (that might not work) or spend upwards of eight bucks on appetizers from a local take-out place, making it an easy (and inexpensive) way to get in the kitchen and learn something new.

If you want to impress for a dinner at home and don’t want to scour the internet searching for the perfect recipe, or you want to simply learn to make dinner at home a couple of times a week, Chef’s plate is less expensive than a dinner for two at your local restaurant ($65.70 for three meals a week, for two people), it’s a great option.

Use this link to get your first three plates from Chefs Plate, for free.

Sweet Potato Tex Mex Roast (Nachos) Recipe 

3-4 sweet potatoes
1 ear of corn
handful of cherry tomatoes
1/2 avocado
1/3 mango
1 cup shredded mozzarella
1 teaspoon chili powder
1/2 cup black beans (we forgot these)
1 lime

Slice the sweet potatoes thinly, and layer them on parchment paper, roasting for ten minutes on one side at 475 degrees and flipping, roasting for another 10 minutes.

Slice the corn off of the ear in a downward motion, into the bowl. To add a bit of extra flavour, you could fry the corn on the stovetop.

Cut the tomatoes in half, slice the avocado and chop the mango.

Take the sweet potatoes out of the oven, layer them and add the cheese, over the sweet potatoes with the corn and black beans, roast until the cheese is melted (those crispy hard bits on the side were a delicious crunch), and remove from the oven.

Top with the sliced avocado, mango and a squeeze of the juice from the line.


You can bet that we will be making this recipe again. One of the benefits of chefs plate is being able to have not only the recipe, but the ingredients you need on a durable card that you can add into your collection of cooking skills – next time, we’re going to need to double this recipe. We brought it out on to the patio and it was devoured by our guests.