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Coming Soon: Mayday Dogs in Mercer Taver

Mayday Dogs, a new hot dog concept from Justin Benson (formally of Farrow Sandwiches), Devin Pope, Shaun Brandt, opening at the end of May/start of June (official date to be announced).

The Mayday concept is simple and to the point – they will be serving hot dogs, milkshakes, and tater tots. They look delicious, so delicious – and taste even better. A member of our team had the chance to sample the dogs at a recent pop-up, and let’s just say that we were jealous we missed the opportunity!

The space inside Mercer Tavern will be licensed and offering a curated selection of canned beer, canned wine and a few cocktails. It’s the perfect addition to downtown, and we learned that the space is going to be a nice change of speed for the Edmonton food scene.

As an added featured, there will also be doing a monthly “Chef’s Dog”, where a local chef will be invited to put their spin on a hot dog,each month. At Mayday, working with other members of the food community is a huge focus, building relationships that will make Edmonton better as a whole.

To stay up to date with the launch, or pop-up events, make sure you’re following along with @MaydayDogs