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Dark Matters January 21, 2016: Aurora

Dark Matters is right around the corner – and it’s easily one of the top ten dates in Edmonton. There’s so much to do at the events, from cool exhibits, live DJ and things to see to the regular exhibits that you get access to on the special adults only night.

Plan to arrive a bit early – the parking lot is a zoo. Last month, we had to park in the shopping centre across the road when we arrived a few minutes late for the event.

Drinks are available for $5-6 depending on what you are drinking (coolers were more expensive) and you can find food in the cafe. Our recommendation? Eat before you go if you can sneak away early.

Look at the schedule ahead of time. I wish we had done this last time and formed a game plan including the things that we wanted to check out the during night. There is so much going on, and you’re not going to want to miss any of it.

January 21, 2016’s Theme: Aurora 

From Telus World of Science: January’s theme is Aurora! Let’s celebrate our Northern roots and one of the darkest months of the year! 

We’ll dabble in light painting and trile with fluorescent dyes. We’ll cast our eyes to the skies to explore astronomy & celestial events. We’ll even immerse ourselves into some winter fun, like only Northerners can…

Buy tickets ahead of time for $17 ($23 at the door)