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Date Night In: Sunterra Friday Night Feast

Thinking about dinner but don’t want to head out into the crowded Friday night restaurants? We’ve got a great option for you: Sunterra Friday Night Feasts. Enjoy gourmet, take-home dinners every Friday! Our chefs create tantalizing three-course meals that only require reheating for bon appétiting. $15.99 per person – it’s an easy way to do date night in, without having to cook.

Here’s a sampling of the Friday Night Feast:

Maple wasabi Asian noodle salad
Red Thai chicken rice bowl
Mango mousse

German potato salad
Slow-roasted beef strip loin with garlic roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables
Black Forest cake

Quinoa apple salad
Shoyu roasted chicken with jasmine rice and vegetables
Key lime pie

Sweet corn chowder
Pesto salmon with asparagus and white and wild rice
Mini blueberry cheesecake

Ordering is simple, you can do it online at Then, you can pick it up and surprise your date with an easy to go dinner that can be brought home, warmed up, without any effort at all. It’s one of our favorite date night ideas at-home in Edmonton.