Do This for Date Night: Take an Edmonton Brewery Tour

If you’re looking for a full day adventure involving craft beer, Edmonton Brewery Tours should be on your bucket list. Whether you’re looking for a great day to get your friends together and expand your knowledge of craft beer or you’re just a huge lover of beer itself, this tour will give it all to you.

There are two tours to choose from, Brewery and Distillery. Both tours are often held on Saturdays but you can also book a private tour separately. There are 5 stops on the brewery tour; Bent Stick Brewing, Situation Brewing, Blind Enthusiasm Brewing, Brewsters Brewing Company and Yellowhead Brewing Company to which all of them teaches us the brewing process. Did you know there are only 4 main ingredients in crafting beer? hops, malt, yeast and water.

The tour bus picks everyone up at Shaw Conference and that’s when it starts. Every stop has the knowledge to offer when it comes to the magic of crafting beer. The best part? You also get samples from each stop to satisfy your beer cravings!

The beer… and the food

Throughout the day you’ll be sampling lagers, IPAs, stouts, ESPs, pales and porters, learn a little more of the local brewery and also ask questions that you may have regarding the brewing process. At Situation, you’ll also be able to order food from a special menu created for the tour attendees.

The bus will leave at your last stop (make sure you don’t park too far!) but you’ll have the ability to purchase beer at a discounted rate throughout all your stops or receive a free growler and choose to fill it with your favourite beer (if you want). Blind Enthusiasm has the most beautifully crafted bottle!

Although there are only a few stops, as the beer industry grows in Alberta the tour will start to expand but until then, the Edmonton Brewery Tour is the perfect outing to take your next date, adult birthday party or even if you want to take yourself! Just ensure your stomachs are ready for a full day of beer-ing!

Edmonton Craft Beer tours are priced at $150/person and include a full day of tours, experience, knowledge, beer and food. You can get tickets for your next beer tour, right here.

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