Try This Date: DIY Edmonton Food Crawl

This weekend, we weren’t sure what we wanted to do and weren’t sure what we wanted to eat. It was one of those moments where the conversation went back and forth with ‘What do you want to eat?’ and ‘I don’t know, what do you feel like?’

Sunday morning, and searching for an easy date idea where we could do something, and eat something, we created a kind of DIY food crawl where we made a few stops, beginning with Farrow Sandwiches for the Grick Middle sandwich, and ate one thing at each of the restaurants.Grick Middle at Farrow Sandwiches

The sandwich is the freshest take on a breakfast sandwich we’ve ever had, with greens, tomato jam, bacon and egg, with cheese on a fresh, fresh bread. The highlight for me was the combination of how the tomato jam and the egg yolk kind of melded together to create this sauce that I wanted to lick off my fingers, it was the perfect breakfast sandwich.

How does it work? 

Pick an area | to get started, you’re going to have to pick an area. We like around Garneau, Little Italy or 124 Street. Choose an area where you’re going to be able to the three or four places on your list – it might just help you work up an appetite between courses.

Have an Idea | Have a look at the area, and the restaurants that are in the area, before you go. Have an idea of the food that you’re going to eat, or at least where you’re going to start. Make a note on your phone, grab screenshots of addresses or simply just browse through Instagram for inspiration. Just have an idea of where you’re going to start.

Share | There are very few rules, but we ordered one thing at each place, and half-halved it, to share. This way, we didn’t fill up at our first stop, leaving room for delicious things to try. If you’re going to plan a DIY food crawl, it’s more fun with someone that you’re going to share with. We had a couple of rules – we couldn’t order something that either of us have tried before, and we couldn’t make exceptions to how it was being served.

Rate | Instantly give yourself something to talk about while you’re on the fun date, with ratings on a scale of one to ten for each of the items you’ve tried, things you’ve tried in the past, and loved. We both had very different favourite items on our DIY Edmonton food crawl date, and it was really interesting to hear why.

Planning a DIY Food crawl? We would love to hear your itinerary! Share it with us on Twitter