Eat This: Perogy Jam Pop Up Dinner | January 18th 2017

Northern Chicken Hosts the Second Line Food Crew on January 18, 2017. The last pop-up dinner we went to with Second Line Food Co. was one of our favourites – we’re still talking about how delicious it was.

This time around, there are five courses as part of the perogy jam pop-up dinner. The menu sounds delicious, and really – they had me at spicy house pickles because the last pop-up dinner had us fighting over who got the last one.

1st course: Baba’s Red Borscht with Dill crème fraiche and spicy house pickles
(I can’t even tell you how good these pickles were last time around, incredible)

2nd course: Cajun Sausage and Shrimp stuffed Perogy with a cauliflower and Creole mustard purée

3rd course:  Brown Roux Short Rib Etouffee atop Heirloom Tomato Dirty Rice

4th course: Bacon wrapped Deep Fried Perogy Po Boy with Beet Root Remoulade and house made Creole Kettle Chips.

dessert: mardi gras king cake

Millstreet Beer is on deep special all night in Solo Cups and all in attendance will be giving a complimentary beverage, which in this case is a homemade Egg Nog made by the Second Line Chefs.

There are two seatings for your convenience. 5:30 PM sharp and another at 7:30 PM. The entertainment for the pop-up dinner will be: New Orleans Bounce, Brass and Hip Hop music in one of Edmonton’s most fun and unique venues.

Tickets are $55 and you can buy the pop-up dinner tickets through Eventbrite