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Epic Edmonton Dates: Heli Tours and Picnics in Edmonton

From experiencing the River Valley with a ‘doors off’ helicopter tour, to splurging to surprise that special someone for a special occasion with a Heli Picnic, there’s just something magical about being whisked away in a helicopter for date night.

On a Tuesday night in May, we experienced it firsthand, getting an entirely new vantage point of the River Valley with Synergy Aviation. Giddy as little kids getting ready to experience something for the first time, we were both in awe as we met with the pilot, who was engaging, pointing out the things that we see daily in the city, from a whole new view, over the River Valley.

Walking out to the hanger where we saw the helicopter we were going to fly in, was full of anticipation. We chatted with a pilot of a small plane, getting more excited about the tour we were going to take in just a few minutes.

From the moment we got on the helicopter and started to go up, up, up, it was exciting. The time seemed to fly by, as we chatted and learned fun facts about flying, the city and added a ‘Heli Picnic’ to our list of dates that we need to try. We learned that there are many different options for helicopter tours in Edmonton – and experienced first hand why they’re such an incredible date, as we held hands and enjoyed the view.

Romance, adventure, a new experience, combining it all together in a date night perfect for a special occasion, a helicopter tour is one of those out-of-the-ordinary, bucket-list dates in Edmonton.

Do you want to experience the magic, without the splurge price tag? On June 12th, 2016, Synergy Aviation has teamed up with a local charity. They’re offering $55 Helicopter rides, to get up in the ear and refresh your vantage point. You can register by contacting (780) 453-2085 or (780) 963-5506.

To book your experience and learn more, you can contact Synergy Aviation at 780-453-2085