Epic Winter Date: Huge #YEGSnowFight Snowball Fight

In November 2014, two strangers who are now friends, Jeff Chase and Robin Mazumder, connected over Twitter about having a spontaneous snowball fight. They met for a beer to figure out the details and BOOM, #yegsnowfight was born.

The first #yegsnowfight took place on December 7, 2014 and was a blast. Hundreds of people from all backgrounds showed up and had an awesome time. Robin and Jeff also partnered up with the Edmonton Foodbank, and #yegsnowfight participants showed up with cans of food and ended up filling a van with donations. All in all it was a blast!

People were very courteous of the kids in the snowfight, and there were quite a few. It’s one of those events that you’re going to smile when you look back on it, a must-do, for the winter bucket list of an Edmonton kid.

This year, you can sign up for the epic snowfight and get in the know of where and when it’s going to take place.

photo credit: Make something Edmonton

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