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Escape City’s Neurological Will Truly Test Your Communication Skills

You ARE Lisa’s brain, and if we’re being honest, things aren’t working so well up here. Things are grim. The doc doesn’t give you much of a chance and your husband is losing hope. Can you get things working again before they pull the plug on you?

Changing the face of escape rooms in Edmonton, Neurological is the latest addition to Escape City. It’s full of surprises, from the moment you arrive. First, you’re led into the space with the premise that you’re actually stuck inside someone’s brain, and all you’ve got to reconnect the left and right sides of the brain. Easy, right?

Not so much. To escape Neurological, you’re going to have to bring friends that you’re going to communicate well with – and a lot of them. It’s recommended to bring ten people to complete the room and you’re going to need every set of eyes, ears and hands to get through Neurological.

Rather than the standard forty-five minutes, Escape City gives you a full hour to complete Neurological, and you’re going to need it. As usual, the time flew by and we were half way through without ends to the puzzles in sight.

Without giving too much away, the experience is like no other that we’ve encountered in Edmonton. It was one of the rooms that we want to give a second pass at – because we didn’t escape the first time around. In fact, we learned that we weren’t very close to escaping at all (and we’re seasoned escape room visitors). When we visited, no one had successfully escaped the room.

The puzzles through the room were linear, having a certain order to them – but at the same time, it was very abstract when it came to solving them. It was really intriguing.

Neurological includes new technology, puzzles and something different, no locks. As we mentioned before, it’s a room where communication is essential – likely more essential than any other room you’ve ever completed. To finish this one, you’ve got to play well with others.

If you’re up for the challenge, and want to try something completely new in Edmonton try Neurological, you won’t be disappointed.

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