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Escape Room Recap: The Treasure of the Pirate King at Escape Emporium

Do you want to take part in a good old style treasure hunt? You and your team has 45 minutes to find the hidden treasures of the famous and notorius pirate king called Captain Green Beard. The treasure is well hidden in his old hideaway, where he lived while he wasn’t sailing and robbing around the Caribbean seas. You better escape the room, before the captain comes back!

We’ve done many escape rooms in Edmonton, and with some of those rooms, there just aren’t enough puzzles if you’ve got a large group. We tried The Treasure of the Pirate King, at Escape Emporium and throughout the game we remarked at the amount of puzzles – there were plenty of puzzles for the five people that we brought along from our team to complete the room.

To get started, it was all hands on deck (pun intended) and we were all able to search through the room to find hints and clues to get us started on the treasure hunt adventure.

There was something cool about the Treasure of the Pirate King. A reveal about half way through the puzzle left us with a bit of ‘cool factor’.

Another cool factor? Integrated puzzles where we had to work together to actually ‘build’ one of the items that we needed to solve another puzzle in the room. With a great variety of puzzles, it was a good room.

One of the things that we enjoyed about Escape Emporium, were the hints. You know how some escape rooms give hints in a method that can take you out of the game? Well, with this one, hints were displayed on a screen, inside the room. This way, you can take a few moments to work out the hint without being taken from the storyline. We used all of our hints through the game, and just barely passed the room – so we’re excited to go back and give another room at Escape Emporium a try.

Try the Treasure of the Pirate King at Escape Emporium if you’ve got a group together, like a double date, and if you’ve tried a few of the rooms in Edmonton. We think it’s best if you’ve tackled a few before, rather than going at this room as your first ‘escape room experience’ in Edmonton.