Experience Famoso Whyte Ave with Full Service and New Fall Menu

Walking into Famoso, you’ve probably experienced walking up to the counter and choosing the menu items for lunch or dinner.

Changing up that, we had the chance to experience the new full service experience at Famoso Whyte Ave. Quickly seated with a prime view of the pizza oven, all night we got to watch the chefs flip pizza dough in the air then place the delicious toppings on before being cooked.

Famoso Full Service Experience 

After ordering, drinks and appetizers arrived quickly, as always, the flatbread never disappoints. The in house dip is always a pleaser, with the right amount of kick. The flatbread had everyone clamouring to grab some for themselves, heartily scooping up the dip.

Famoso Appetizers

Amanda, our server, was quick with suggestions, and wit – great to break the ice if you happen to be on a first date and answered of all of our questions about her favorite things on the menu – all great picks, we decided at the end of the meal.

Gluten Free? That’s Easy. 

With options like gluten smart pizza crust and vegan cheese, it was even easy for the dairy-free, gluten-free dinner guest, Chloe, to get a pizza. ‘It’s refreshing to get a full size menu item when ordering something gluten free’, she said. Before coming, we thought her options would be quite limited, but it turned out that she had many choices!

New on the menu, are pasta dishes. The pistachio cream pesto was a sure winner at the table – everyone quickly agreeing that it will full of flavour. Three of us almost ordered it, until Chloe realized it wasn’t dairy free. Quick and attentive service, it was the perfect double date to spend on a weekday evening. We enjoyed the relaxed meal, trying each other’s pizza and pastas.

After the meal, we went from turning down dessert to being tempted with the new delicious flavours of gelato, like blood orange creamsicle and caramel green apple. Glad we did, we discovered flavours that we’ve been talking about all week.

The Vibe 

The atmosphere was very cozy and intimate. The noise was not over loud so conversation was not hindered. With the new full service option, you can sit and enjoy the atmosphere and your meal without having to get up to order and pay for your meal. 

Our Favourite Picks

Famoso Pitaschio Pesto Primavera

Pistachio Pesto Primavera, mediterranean flatbread and from the recomendation of our server, Vesuvio Pizza. The pasta was full of flavour and creamy, perfect with the added chicken. It’s one of those dishes that you’re going to crave after you leave.

Famoso Whyte Ave is located at 10421 Whyte Avenue (82 Avenue)

We were invited by Famoso to try out the new menu – all opinions are our own. 

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