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Escape Room Recap: ‘The Heist’ at GTFO Escape Rooms

The Heist is the latest escape room that we’ve conquered in Edmonton (without any hints, if we were in the mood to brag). It’s one of the three rooms at GTFO Escape Entertainment, with space for three more in the coming months.

The first thing we noticed when we walked in the door to the building were the photos. Walls and walls of photos.

There’s a few things that set GTFO Escape Entertainment  apart from other escape rooms in the city. First, there are cookies and water – awesome, included pre-escape room snack (or celebration) with a bright and airy space, that’s welcoming with the board games. Jenga was a fast favourite among our group, and we arrived a few minutes early so we had the chance to play.

Another one of the cool factors that sets GTFO apart from other spaces is the fact you get to take home a memory photo with you – what a cool memento of a first date, or fun night out, right?

The last thing? The flow, GTFO’s ‘The Heist’ had the best flow of an escape experience that we’ve conquered, in Edmonton.

The Heist

The Heist was go-go-go, fast paced and full of puzzles. The first thing we remarked on when we finished the room, was the great sense of flow. The unique puzzles seemed to flow together, really well, filling up the forty-five minutes with more puzzles than you would imagine would fit into that time.

In the Heist, it was all hands on deck, everyone had to be doing something and there were frequent puzzles that required us to work together. In one instance, there were four of us working together to solve smaller puzzles, achieving the goal of finishing the larger puzzle. It’s perfect for a group of mixed-escape-room-aficionados, from beginner to seasoned escapees.

The puzzles in the room weren’t overly difficult, but there was enough of them to keep five of us guessing (and solving) for nearly the entire forty-five minutes. Finishing with three minutes to spare, we exited the room and went home with an instant photo of our experience, and one to hang on the wall on the way out.

We went home still talking about the puzzles, the room, the mechanics and the flow – and continued to talk about it the entire way home.

Standard to escape room entertainment, admission was $25/person and included cookies, beverages – and a great date.