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Four Surprising Dating Trends of 2017

Dating in the 21st century has meant that we’re always looking new ways to enjoy spending time getting to know our prospective partners.

From unusual activities like goat yoga to the latest range of dating apps, it’s made our dating behaviour less predictable than ever. So here’s what to look out for when you’re out and about on the dating scene in 2017.


The speedy way that dating apps allow us to stay in contact with a huge range of potential partners has meant that cushioning has become a noticeable trend in recent times. This means that although you are in a monogamous relationship, you still flirt with other people online just in case things take a turn for the worse with your partner. While cushioning is nothing new, it’s thanks to online technologies that this has become common practice amongst 21st century daters.

Split the Cheque

As people are going on more first dates thanks to the likes of Tinder, it seems that it’s also influencing the all-important question of who pays the bill in a restaurant.

Thankfully, it seems that things are getting a little more equal between the sexes as more women are more willing to split the check, and this equality is expected to become more noticeable in everything from buying drinks to entertainment activities.

Active Dating 

The idea of merely going to the movies or a restaurant is increasingly seen as being passé. This is because it’s now clear that the entertainment is going to have to become a little more specialised to meet the demands of the dating scene in 2017.

So that whether it means going to a night of interactive painting, joining a meditation class, or even playing some of the games based on the movies that have been featured at the Lucky Nugget Casino blog, it shows that we’re going to have to use a little more imagination on our date nights.

The End of Tinder

Tinder truly revolutionised the modern dating scene. But with many people complaining about everything from unrealistic dating expectations to having too many dating choices, it seems as though Tinder’s days could be numbered.

This is especially so as there is a new breed of unusual dating apps like Salad Match, Tindog and even Farmers Only that offer a more specialized service. So that whether you’re looking for a partner with more similar tastes such as food, pets, occupations or even online roulette games, it seems that there’s a little extra digital assistance out there.