Full Moon Canoe/Kayak Tour with Haskin Canoe 9/17

Getting out on the water is one of those memorable dates that’s going to leave you ready to warm up afterwards. Not only will you experience the dark sky out at Elk Island Park with Haskin Canoe, but you can experience it on the water, full moon overhead. It’s the perfect combination of adventure and romance, and

The details: tours take place between 8:30-11:00 pm (approx. depending on month) and include: guide, canoe, kayak, and paddling gear.

Our Sunset and Full Moon Tours offer you an opportunity to view the orange and red glow of the sun setting and maybe have the full moon over head. As we paddle slowly through the islands we will be immerse in the ambience of the closing of the day as we listen for the distant cry of the loon or splash of the beaver.  You may want to bring your binoculars and camera to view the birds and wildlife that Astotin Lake may offer: pelicans, cormorants, beavers, muskrats and possible silhouettes of elk, deer or bison along the shore.

Fees range between $36-45/person, and can be booked by calling (780) 922-4324 to reserve your spot.