Get Tickets for 2 to the Edmonton Ice Castle for $18

Keeping date night on a budget is a bit easier when you turn to Groupon. You can usually find half off food, entertainment, and a lot of local active dates to keep you on your toes. We like to grab one or two of the Groupon deals we find for our favourite places, or for a place we want to try, and stash them away for when we’re trying to keep date night under budget.

The Ice Castles’ creator, Brent Christensen, and a team of ice artists are currently transforming more than 15,000 tons of ice into full-fledged castles in three locations. Once completed, the towering structures of ice and shimmering light are open for exploration. Guests are free to view the organically grown ice towers, tunnels, caves and caverns at their own pace. In daytime, the castles glimmer in the sun; come nightfall, thousands of LED lights create an ethereal glow from within.

For the next two days, you can get a Groupon deal that includes admission for two to the ice castle currently being built in Hawrelak Park. As part of the design, there’s going to be an ice slide, a cave and even a waterfall. When finished, the castle will stand between 12-15 meters high, and we can’t wait to have an adventure date walking through the castle.

Get admission to Icecastles for 2 for only $18

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  1. Look forward to seeing Castles this year as we missed it last year.

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