afad7367f8e1df231c78d1a241e10128f1d94eeb54634c41c6 A Grand Opening Tour of the Rec Room at South Edmonton Common -

A Grand Opening Tour of the Rec Room at South Edmonton Common

You know how sometimes for date night you’re just not sure what to do? When that happens to us, we usually end up at dinner and a movie – sometimes, at the same time. Having an all-in-one entertainment centre designed and filled with fun for adults isn’t something that was on our radar, until we learned about the Rec Room opening in Edmonton.


The first entertainment center of its kind, the Rec Room features everything from axe throwing to traditional arcade gaming, where tickets can be won and exchanged in The Yard, or you can head upstairs to the bowling alley, where you can have your choice of lanes and play against your date, or friends.


Game of Thrones Pinball, Pacman for up to four players and one of the most epic photo booths we’ve ever set foot in; it’s top of the line for arcade style gaming in Edmonton. One of the highlights of the night for me was the dueling piano arcade game (I didn’t win one single round) and the huge Connect 4 game for two. At a reasonable price tag of 200 credits for around $30 (120 credits + 80 bonus credits), it’s a fun way to spend the night, throwing back to some of your childhood favourites, like Mario Kart.

With the easy way to track your credits and redemption points, the RFID bracelets are a convenient way to game, without having to carry an arm load of tickets around the venue with you, and fishing tokens out of your pocket. When it comes time to redeem, there’s everything from soap, to mugs, to apparel, and everything in between. In fact, there’s more than just a redemption counter – there’s an entire redemption storefront! 

When it comes to eating, you’ve got your choice of three different places to grab a bite to eat, from Canadian classics, to delicious donuts where you can choose from three different kinds of filling, and poutine where you can customize the topping. In the mood for some delicious wood fired pizza? There’s that too. We had the chance to try everything from the mac and cheese, to the beet salad – and it was all delicious.

img_7287 There was a showstopper though, with the donuts. First, you get your choice of donut ($4) and you can choose between different types of filling (choices were pumpkin, coffee and maple when we went) and watch them fill the donut in front of you, enjoying it at the bright seating area of The Shed. Fun fact: for a bit extra, you can add a shot of Bailey’s, or the like, to your delicious creations – and package up six, because they’re totally worth saving for later.


Plus, there’s cool rooms above, that you can use for private functions – I mean, how cool would it be to host a function in The Library? You’re very close to the poutine, and donuts, as a bonus.

From stand up comedy to karaoke with a live band, to a really great space to watch bands perform, swing dancing classes, trivia and much, much more – you can stay up to date with the upcoming events at the Rec Room Edmonton on their events page and find out just what else you can get up to when you visit at