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Happy Hour Eats and Drinks at XO Bistro Bar

Happy Hour specials where you can nibble and drink in Edmonton are one of the best places to reconnect with friends, or prepare for a night out. Located close to Rogers Place, XO Bistro + Bar is brand new in town, providing fun bites and new takes on modern Vietnamese, with delicious drinks and bubble tea delivered from the second floor in a basket.

The space is fun, with mixed decor that feels comfortable enough to watch the game on the televisions, but still feels hip enough to grab drinks during happy hour. Comfortable bench seating, tables – there’s a good mix of space.

Happy Hour Specials at XO Bistro Bar

$5 Oxtail Fries | We gave these a try and the gravy was rich, belly-warming and meshed well with the crispy fries. Served with a fried egg on top, it made me want to sop up every last bit of the egg, while still getting bites of the braised oxtail. Try this one if you want to warm up from the cold, on the cheap, or try something new.

$3 Green Onion Cakes | Light, fluffy and pretty much what you would expect a green onion cake to be, we loved sharing a few between the table. They were quickly devoured, which can attest to the fact that they were pretty tasty.

$2.50 Salad Rolls | Surprised by the choice of Romaine lettuce, and impressed with the crispy bite in the center of the salad rolls, the chicken was a clear winner at the table. It reminded us of the chicken satay – another dish you’ve got to try while you’re at XO Bistro Bar. The accompanying sauce for dipping was delicious, a classic to pair with a dish that gave you a bit of updating on the traditional salad roll.

Find XO Bistro Bar downtown at 10236 103 St and at