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How to Rock a Date at the Batting Cages in Edmonton

Batting Cages are one of those date nights that we’ve been coveting, making us pretty excited to hear about the opening of The Batting Cages, here in the city.

The Batting Cages is an indoor batting, pitching, and fielding facility, located at 7121 104 street just off Whyte Avenue in Edmonton. Ball players of all ages and skill levels are welcome. Whether it’s baseball, fastball, softball, slo-pitch, or T-ball, we have something for every player. Come hit some balls off the legendary Iron Mike pitching machines, or practice like a pro in the Promound™ pitching cage.

For $15 (30 minutes) or $30 (60 minutes), you can spend some time in the cages, practicing your pitch – and take the pressure off for your next date, while you incite a little healthy competition.

Here’s how to rock a date at the Batting Cages 

Dress for it | Dress for the batting cage. Layer up, it’s going to get warm when you’ve been there hitting balls. Make sure you’ve got comfortable shoes you’re going to be able to move around in and casual wear that’s made for movement.

Bring Your A-Game | Bringing a little healthy competition to date night makes things more exciting, right? Bring your A-game to the batting cages and try something new, seeing what the batting cages are all about.

To set a time at the Batting Cages, call 780 203 4888 to book cage time. You’ll find the Batting Cages are located at 7121 104 Street – get more of the details at