Need a Delicious (and fast) Dessert? Head to Wow Factor Desserts

Wow Factor Desserts is a retail location in Sherwood Park with more desserts on the menu that you could eat in a year – believe me, we’ve been making our way through the cakes, one special occasion at a time (and the occasional Monday).

The delicious, pick-up options include our favourite gluten free chocolate torte ($23) in a baby size that has enough pieces for a dinner for six friends, and a couple of slices left for the freezer. The larger versions of the cakes range in price between $40-50, and you can even get creme brulee – if you’re really trying to make an impression.

Tip: for the bigger cakes, we split them among friends. It works out to be a fantastic (and delicious deal) per slice, and what’s better than a cake you can share with your friends?

The cakes are frozen, easy to pick up and easy to serve – bring the cake to room temperature on your favourite cake plate, and dessert prep is finished. Then? Dessert is served. It’s simple, right? Simple and delicious.

With so many different options to choose from, you’re bound to find something for that special occasion, the dinner you’re hosting, or a birthday celebration when you want that perfect cake. Staff members are helpful with suggestions for different types of cakes, pricing and popular new options that are available. Though the retail location is a bit hidden away, it’s easy to find.

Wow Factor Desserts Sherwood Park

Browse the cake menu online to see the cakes available, and see what’s new. Follow Wow Factor Desserts on Facebook, from time to time there are some incredible deals that you can take advantage of. Find Wow Factor Desserts! at 152 Cree Road in Sherwood Park.