Escape Room Recap: ‘The Cabin’ at Escape City

Lately, for date night, we’ve been favoring escape rooms. To up the challenge, we were recommended to try the The Cabin at Escape CityTrying our hand at a few across the city, and solving a few, we had heard great things about the room.

Setting the Scene 

While there, we learned that Escape City locally sources the props and design used in the room. They work with incredible local talent like theatrical design experts to create the story, the room and any media and production used within it. We thought that was pretty cool – because we happen to think Edmonton is pretty cool too.

From the moment you walk into the cabin, you’re immersed in what feels like a real cabin, complete with the shivers up your spine that come from flickering lights and rickety floorboards. The design and overall feel of the room were flawless, and really brought you into the story you become a part of, adding to the mystery you’re trying to solve.

Escaping the Cabin 

There’s no doubt about it, the Cabin is a challenge. If you’ve never attempted an escape room, you’re not going to want to start with this one. This is for the fourth, fifth or six room you’re going to try – when you start to find your escape room jam.

You’ve got to go at this one as a team, think on your feet and pay attention to everything to solve the puzzles. Working together with the teammates your tackling the room with is essential. As with all escape rooms, but especially the Cabin, I think it’s always a good idea to bring friends with different methods and backgrounds. It’ll give you the best chance of escaping, and will quickly show who’s got what it takes to escape.

For what felt like forever – but was only ten minutes, the challenge got the best of us. After going in circles, we asked for a hint to get us on the right track. Hint techniques vary from business to business, and this hint was very straightforward, giving us a solution to the next step. If you want more cryptic hints, or hints that don’t give the next step away, make sure to let staff know.

We had to work together, with two or three people teaming up to solve parts of the puzzle at a time. The group effort of this room really brought it all together, adding to the experience for us.

We were surprised multiple times in the room, leaving us with a few ‘whoa’ and ‘cool’ and a few ‘ahhh’ as we were startled.

Another five minutes, and we would have had it solved (maybe). That’s the rush of it though. When you’re in a challenging room and the clock is ticking down to the wire, the adrenaline is flowing freely. If you fancy yourself an escape room aficionado, try the Cabin. You won’t be disappointed. (If not, check the website, as there are varying types of difficulty in the rooms, you’ll find that in the room description!)

Want to try the Cabin? Escape City is located at 5916 104 Street. You can book your appointment online, here.