Escape Room Recap: ‘Castle Secrets’ at Time Escape #yeg #yegdate

Time Escape is one of the newest escape experiences in Edmonton, featuring: The Imperial Palace, Lethal Virus, Castle Secrets and Time Warp. Recently, we tried ‘Castle Secrets‘ recommended for between two and six people, and with five of us, there were just enough puzzles.

We were a bit off of our game tonight, and felt like we wasted fifteen minutes from the get-go, on the first clue. Finally, we figured it out (and kicked ourselves for being so off of our game), and continued on with the puzzles.

One thing that we noticed about the room was the challenging nature of the room. There were nine puzzles for us to figure out to solve the room, and we had just enough time to complete the room. The transition from the initial space, into a second area, was an interesting feature – and something that we really enjoy when we’re completing escape rooms – because of the element of surprise that comes with it. The space was well used, and overall it was a good escape experience, with unique props (some we hadn’t seen yet in previous rooms, and we’ve tackled quite a few escape rooms in the city).

The room provided a challenge but there wasn’t one factor or puzzle that stuck out as a memorable puzzle or ‘aha moment’ like some of the other rooms that we’ve completed. That being said, it was a challenge throughout and we did enjoy the progression of the puzzles. We would absolutely go back and give another room a try – in fact, we’ve got our eye on Lethal Virus as one of our next escape experiences.

If it would have worked like it was supposed to, we would have passed the room. The mechanics of the room were a bit off, in the last puzzle but throughout the rest of the experience leading up to the final piece, it was the most challenging room that we’ve done with our group.

Who should try Castle Secrets? Try Castle escape if you like puzzles that have a great progression, if you’ve tackled a few around the city and want to up the challenge a little, and if you’re in preparation mode for one of Time Escape’s harder challenges, Lethal Virus.

The experience is comparable in price to other escape rooms around the city, at $25/person. The location is convenient, and easy to find. Book online to try your hand at Time Escape and up your challenge level when it comes to escape entertainment in Edmonton.