Recap: Date Night at Wednesday Night Drop-in Art Classes at Art Gallery of Alberta

Adult Drop in Art Gallery of Alberta

You know how sometimes you just need to get out of your comfort zone and try something new? Date night is no different and ramping up your date night repertoire to include something creative can inspire you, create conversation and give you the chance to fully let go of any preconceived notions that you had about date night – because let’s face it, not everything you make is going to turn out to be a work of art.

Wednesday Night Adult Drop in at Art Gallery of Alberta

Each week the Art Gallery of Alberta offers a different project on Wednesday nights for drop-in classes, it costs $18.90 per person and all the supplies, artists time etc are included and you get to take your project home. Every week there’s a new theme, and you leave, having learned something about art and creating, in the inspired gallery space.

This Wednesday try attending a “drop-in” art class at the Art Gallery of Alberta for a date night! It will encourage you to get creative, get out of the house and spend a few hours together in a different setting than normal. It was affordable, fun and very relaxing! We started our date with a dinner & drinks at Zinc and then went on to spend the night creating art – which, in our opinion, is a great order to do it in!

This week, the project was an interesting technique we’ve never tried before. As part of the class, we created “Zines” it’s basically a hand made book filled with collages, poems and artwork you create.

How does the class work?

The class started with an introduction to the artist who was going to be teaching the class (we had Roger Garcia and he was great) they spoke about who they were, what they did & what they were going to be teaching us how to make that night and in this case it was “Zines”!

We were given the instructions in order of how we should be doing them and generally what to do but they really let us create what we wanted, but were also available for help every step of the way. They have classes that range from painting, sculptures and even drawing nude models! You can check the schedule on the website and choose the classes that you want to take part in – and if you’re a member of the AGA, you get an even lower rate.


You don’t need to register to attend the classes but you can see the projects and times online here. The cost is $18.90/per person for a 2 hour instructional class, supplies and you also get to take home the project you’ve created.

Need more inspiration for date night? We’ve listed the drop-in events, for the Art Gallery and much more on our Edmonton date night events calendar.



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