Recap: Tuesday Night Burger Night at Chartier in Beaumont

Let’s get the first thing I know you’re thinking, out of your head. No, Beaumont is not hours outside of town – in fact, from some parts of Edmonton you can get there in about ten minutes. Second? You might want to actually hold off going, because if you do, you’re going to find yourself going back again, and again.

Offering up our favourite french comfort food in Edmonton, and the handsdown best poutine we’ve had in our hometown, you’ll find something different served up on Tuesday nights: burgers!

This week’s burger menu –

  • Summer Chick: grilled chicken breast tossed in maple vinegar, topped with aged cheddar, mojito mayo, fresh tomato salsa and lettuce.
  • The Pirate: Yar! Blackened cod and crab cake, bacon, house made pepper jam, pickled jalepeno and a dark rum aioli.
  • Shake it Off: 6 oz house patty with barbeque sauce, tempura fried onions, pickles, lettuce and tomato, served up with a vanilla milk shake.

The menu changes up every week, with new and different options so you’re not going to find the same thing twice – but you are going to find delicious flavours, a burger you’re going to want to eat again and again, and the fantastic french country rustic vibe.

With the changing menu comes new flavours every week, but there’s something for certain and that’s the simple, yet complex, delicious combinations created week after week. The more traditional kind of burgers on the menu, like the Shake it Off we had this week, are so simple, packed with flavour and just so-damn-good. 

Here’s the deal, these burgers and fries are filling. One appetizer is enough to share, or just the burgers and fries, if you’ve eaten anything at all. Need appetizer choices? The haricots vert are delicious. The smoked maple mayo is something that dreams are made of, full of flavour to complement the comfort-food-vibe of the tempura breaded green beans. You’re going to fight over the last one.

It could be considered a bit of a splurge for date night – with drinks, appetizers, dinner and dessert, our bill was $98 before tip, but you could lessen that by skipping the drinks and desserts. However, the Apersol Spritz quickly topped my list for ‘best summer drinks’ in Edmonton, so you’ve got to give it a try if Prosecco is your love language, too. 

As always, you’ll find attentive servers that kind of make you feel like you’re home, as cliche as that sounds. Incredible food, and an inviting space and a great patio make it one of our favourite Tuesday night dinner ideas in Edmonton.

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Pro tip: pick up some jam while you’re there – future you (making brunch this weekend) is going to thank you. Our favourite? the Strawberry mojito. Also, you can bring home the burger buns to try and recreate your own delicious burgers, at-home. You should grab some – for later.

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