Route 99 Diner Turning into Riverdale’s Pop Chock’lit Shop on Friday 10/13

Riverdale’s second season is coming out on Netflix and you’re not the only one who’s excited. Route 99 Diner will host a pop-up of Pop’s Chock’lit Shop, for friday to celebrate the season.

You can find the event at Route 99 Diner, between 7-11 on Friday night – and the first 200 customers to head into Pop’s will get a free milkshake. You might even score yourself a special edition¬†Riverdale¬†cup.

Are you a Betty (Old-fashioned vanilla)? Or a Veronica (Double chocolate)?

While you’re there, try on costumes and geek out on the fact that Riverdale’s second cup will be here before you know it.

Find Route 99 diner at 8820 99 St NW.