Escape Room Recap: Sherlock Holmes at Logic Lock in Edmonton

Being locked in a room, faced with a series of puzzles and a time limit to solve them in is not the traditional idea of a night out with friends. But over the last number of years, the global trend of escape rooms has made its way to Edmonton, with new venues constantly popping up across the city.

We were eager to check out Logic Lock, one of Edmonton’s newest escape rooms, so we headed down to Jasper Avenue with three friends to try our hand at the Warehouse of Thieves room.

Located on the second floor of the Looby Block, a turn-of-the-20th century building and the former home of CKUA radio, Logic Lock currently has two rooms. The Warehouse of Thieves and The Poltergeist Room have been open since June with a third, Finding Sherlock Holmes, set to open soon. There are also plans for up to six more rooms in the future.

Our evening started when we checked in with Thomas. We signed waivers and grabbed some bottled water as he went over the rules and gave us a rundown of how the room worked. He explained that each room has a plotline and that it was our job to solve the mystery and escape the room in 45 minutes or less.

In the Warehouse of Thieves, players are FBI agents tasked with finding the identity of a notorious art thief. Once we were locked in the room, we started by combing it for clues that would help us crack the case. Puzzles and padlocks stood in our way, but one by one we solved them to help us get closer to catching the career criminal. We got stuck a few times but luckily Thomas was able to give us a few subtle clues, as all players are video monitored in the escape rooms.

The Warehouse of Thieves is and will continue to be the easiest room at Logic Lock, with about a 50 per cent success rate. Thanks to a few tips, a bit of luck and our combined brain power, our group of five solved the puzzle with one second left on the clock.

We had never experienced an escape room before but it turned out to be a great new way to spend an evening with friends. Cracking puzzles and solving problems is not something you typically get to do with your friends and it was interesting to see a new side of them. Now we’re brainstorming up the perfect dream team to tackle the Poltergeist Room with!

Book your experience at Logic Lock today at There’s a brand new room opening soon, Sherlock, where you can put your detective skills to use.

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