The 10 Best ‘Active’ Date Night Ideas in Edmonton + Area

Is getting active together your idea of the perfect date? Maybe you’re just starting out on this fitness journey together, or maybe you’re trying to keep active living a priority – if you’re anywhere in between, we’ve got some active ‘date nights’ in Edmonton that are going to make you sweat (in a good way).

Aerial Yoga + Fitness

You can learn to fly with Firefly Theatre and Circus, by signing up for a class to get you up in the air, on silks. Here, you can take a six week session class together. Want something a little more flexible? Check out the suspension Yoga classes at Soul Fitness Studio.

Explore the Trails

If you’re not, follow the Blitz Conditioning blog. There’s great information about getting out and getting active, and there’s also gems like this: 5 hidden running trails of Edmonton, downtown edition. You don’t need to run though, you can walk, and explore, and just get inspired to get outside, no matter the weather.

Surfset with Wine

The Tandem Shred is a surfset fitness class where you’re working out with a partner, having to balance both the workout, and each other. The 45 minute class finishes with wine, and a chance to chat with the other members of the class. We’ve done it once, and have plans to go back when we’ve got another free Friday.

Drop-in Dodgeball

There’s no better way to spend a Friday night than at Friday Dodgeball Drop-In. If you haven’t played before, this is a great introduction to the sport in a low-pressure environment that’s all about fun. There will be an on-site Dodgeball Coordination that will keep the evening exciting and organized. Grab some friends, grab some balls and have a great time!

Trampoline Fitness Classes

Get up early on a Saturday morning and take in a fitness class with a collaboration between 504 Fitness and the Launch Pad. This registered program will work out every part of the body during the 60 minute class, meaning you’re going to work for the post-workout brunch you can follow it up with.

Biking at Strathcona Science Park

One of our favourite places to explore through the spring and summer, the paths range from single trail to dirt road, so you can tailor the ride to what you like. All you need is a couple of bikes, and you can load them up and park at Strathcona Science Park, for an easy ride, or use the trail systems in Edmonton to ride there.

Segway Guided Tours

No matter the season, you can get out and explore the River Valley, via Segway. We’re going to file this one under active dates because you’ve got to balance the thing – and stay afloat. River Valley Adventure Co. has a lot of things to do – and if you’re searching for something new, try the Segway Guided Tours.

Surfing Lessons at West Edmonton Mall

Missing hitting the waves or want to try something new? West Edmonton Mall Surf Club has weekly lessons where you can get the skills needed to hit the waves. Once you’ve finished the lesson, you can take part in the drop in times (at a lower price), giving you a great way to start your day, or end it.

Saturday Afternoon Canoe Ride 

Every weekend from middle of May to end of September you can chose from these three great canoe trips on the North Saskatchewan River with Edmonton Canoe. Summer outdoor fun is easy with trips that leave Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon or a full Sunday trip. It’s a great way to partner up for an adventure in Edmonton and it’s surprisingly within reach at $80/couple.