We Tried It: Smarty Pantz Escape Room

Combinations, puzzles, games – all of these elements come together when you enter an escape room. You find the initial clue that leads to another clue in more linear rooms, or some rooms branch out and allow you to work on two or three puzzles at a time, with the goal of solving the final puzzle.

At Smarty Pantz, the experienced is heightened by the live actors. Taking on the persona leading you up to the room, you’ll get the chance to be fully immersed in the game as you’re provided with the back story that may help you to solve the room. Our host impressed us immediately, with his dedication to the role – creating an experience that was completely new to us.

Morning Never Comes 

After a few quick instructions from the host, we got to it, immediately searching the room for the clue to start us all. New to escape rooms? Morning Never Comes is a great starting off point, as it’s a more linear based room, with one clue leading to the next. In our group of four, two of us have been to a handful of escape rooms, one of us had been to most in the city and one of us was an escape room virgin – providing a good balance for solving the mysteries.

The mechanics of the room, the puzzles, and the experience of the room impressed us all, with elements that we’ve never before experienced in the room and puzzles that had us guessing (and guessing again).

Fun tip: the rooms and stories are created in-house, making for unique and well thought out experiences – another thing that impressed us. 

Let’s talk hints. Similar to other escape rooms in the city, there are two hints available through the forty five minute game. At other escape rooms, the hints were delivered by the host coming into the room, which kind of takes you out of the game, as the hosts aren’t in character. At Smarty Pantz, the well delivered hints that nudged on the right path without giving away the entire clue, were delivered in character over the provided walkie-talkie.

All four of us left the room impressed with the story, the placement of the clues, the mechanics of the room, the theatrics and the clues. All four of us left the room anticipating coming back to try the experience again, next time planning to tackle the more horrifying, more challenging: Thirst for Murder room.

Priced the same as others around the city, it’s around $25/person – though on the higher side of date night adventures, you’re going to be surprised just how much fun you have.

Want to try the rooms? You can book escape rooms at www.smartypantz.ca and follow on Facebook and Twitter stay informed about new rooms and upcoming promtions.

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