We Tried It: Trick Shots, Lumberjacks and Bullseyes at Axehole

Get out your plaid and channel your inner lumberjack – we tried out Axehole to bring some competition to date night.

We walked into Axehole, unsure of what to expect. Walking in the door we were instantly greeted by ‘Welcome to Axehole!’ and a view of the multiple lanes. The bright red targets drew in my eye, as they gave us a ten minute introduction of the rules, posture and throwing strides.

How does it Work?

The first hour is basically getting the mechanics down. Attentive, hands-on staff to show you three different ways to throw the axe: the two-handed overhead, the one-handed overhead and an one-handed underhand throw.

The second hour is when things get interesting. That’s when most people ‘get’ it. That is, unless your Chloe, who kicked my ass in nearly every game in our two hour time block. In Termite, you compete against one another, throwing axes to hit the target, trying to hit it without letting the axe hit the floor. If the axe hits the floor, it’s dead. The last person with a live axe, wins.

Add ons: For an extra five bucks, you can try five throws with the badass, three pound, double edged axe reminded of something I had seen on one of those lumberjack competitions on TV.

You might wonder if the two hour time block is too long – don’t worry it’s not. The first hour flew by, and the second hour went even quicker. The second hour had me wondering about joining an axe throwing league.

Axehole Bullseye Edmonton

Our suggestion: make it a double date. It would be even more fun with two couples than it was with just the two of us. Go get ready to learn something new, step out of your comfort zone and work up an appetite for a late dinner.

We walked out with a few bullseyes under our belt, excited to return for the next round of Termites.

You can book a lane to try your hand at axe throwing at www.axehole.ca


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